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Lemons are not only tasty by its flavor but they also have some basic nutrients which our body needs on daily basis. Health benefits by Lemon itself make it a super food. As we all know that taking water at morning time is beneficial for our digest system but do you know that Lemon water considered as an ideal good morning drink. Lemon is a citrus fruit which contains Vitamin C which helps in your skin & gives you that glow which everyone will get attracted to. So let’s take look at 10 amazing health benefits of lemon water.

Weight Loose: – Most important benefits which we all know about drinking lemon water are that it helps in losing weight. For all those people who are very concerned about their weight, they can blindly trust the Lemon water in the morning for better fast results. Citric Acid in Lemon water absorbs less carbohydrate that put a stop to the blood sugar spike which leads to overindulgence of overweight & weight-gain.

Protect Body Cells: – As we told you earlier that Lemon is a source of Vitamin C which is the main antioxidant which is found in Lemons. It reduces the threat of cardiovascular disease and stroke. It detoxifies your body & also lowers Blood pressure. Daily intake of Lemon water also guards cells against being damage free radicals.

Energy Booster Drink: – Who doesn’t want a fresh energetic morning & day. We all depend upon our bed tea & coffee cup to get started for a day. Change your drinking habit especially in the morning. Take fresh water & squeezed a lemon into it & feel the difference your day as compare to other days started with tea or coffee. If you take Water with lemon, it will generate energy by hydrating & oxygenating your body to amazing energy & intellectual transparency.

Help in depression: – Studies shows that refreshing smell of Lemon can actually lift up our moods if it is taken at the morning time. According to some studies, the Citrus fragrance of lemon can actually relieve depression & put off weakening of immune function which takes place with this disease. Whenever depression takes place it weakens our immune system & it fails to guard the body against diseases.  The citrus fragrance of lemon improves immune system & makes it healthy.

Makes Skin healthy: – Everyone dreamt of healthy wrinkle free skin, younger looking skin. But how many of you actually got this problem free skin. If you also don’t have problem free skin then you must go for Lemon water for sure. It will flush out toxic from your body, hydrate your skin & on the other hand Vitamin C will enhance production of healthy collagen which eventually brings a glow to your skin & your skin will shine like a baby.

Source of Potassium: – Being a source of Vitamin C lemon water is also a source of Potassium also, which is a crucial Mineral for our overall body function. If your body lacks Potassium it can result into Heart problem, digestive Disorder, high blood pressure. So doctors & Dietary experts always suggest maintaining balance of Potassium in your body for Healthy body & Mind. You only need a glass of Lemon water daily.

Dissolves Kidney Stone: – As Lemon contains the high level of Citric Acid, which helps in reducing Urine acidity, Lemon water also helps in preventing calcium kidney stones to take place. It also decreases the chances of formation of new calcium stone. So if you have Stone in your kidney always consult your doctor first & side by side you can try Lemon water as a home remedy. You also require taking more intake of simple water with lemon water also.

Good Eyesight: – What’s more important than good eyesight with the help of the other health benefits of Lemon water. This Vitamin C source of Drink can actually bring relief in low eyesight in old age. Vitamin C & fruit antioxidants both works great for reducing the risk of cataracts, macular downfall & further eye problems. So next time when you drink this refreshing drink keep in mind that it also protecting cornea in eyes guarding against UV-B radiation created by the sun.


Cure Food Poisoning: – As a human being, we always run aftertaste than health. This results into food Poisoning at a time. That time doctor advises we to take fresh lemon water because it deactivates harmful bacteria originate in cooked food or food which has been stored indecently. So most of the time expert’s advice to put lemon juice into food which is not going to be refrigerated. So if you put lemon juice in a food which you are going to be eating at streets it will protect you against bacteria and will be good for your immune system.  

Improves Digestion: – If you are one of them who are prone to Digestion problem, then you must try taking Warm lemon water in the morning. The intake of lemon water prevents the body from constipation. If you take a daily intake of lemon water it will maintain your digestive system in working condition.

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